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Benefit from Flexible Home Care Schedules and Service Arrangements

Work and family are two important responsibilities that are very prized in anyone’s heart. At times, giving priority to both can get upsetting and confusing, especially when you just needed some time off to relax and enjoy a weekend at … Continue reading

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Think Before You Lift: Your 10-Point List of Lifting Safely

Did you know that if you lift loads improperly, you put your back at risk? Back injuries are mostly caused by lifting objects or people in the wrong way. If you’re providing in-home care for a family member who needs … Continue reading

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Are You Stressing Yourself Out? 7 Silent Signs of Stress

It is just Monday but it feels like the apocalypse. There are so many things to do at work and in your personal life. You cannot deny that you are suffering from a daily assault of stress hormones. If you … Continue reading

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5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the problems most patients diagnosed with heart health problems suffer. Although there is no symptom of the said condition, it can lead to dangerous and life-threatening diseases such as: Heart attack Stroke Aneurysm Cognitive … Continue reading

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Effective Ways to Reduce Pain for Elderly at Home

As people age, they suddenly feel aches or pains in different parts of the body. They even wonder where the pain came from. Pain brought about by old age sometimes come all at once. Arthritic-pain, spasm, cramps, and many more. … Continue reading

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Tips to Be an Effective Caregiver for Patients Who Suffer from Cancer

Cancer is an illness that needs palliative care at home. An illness doesn’t just affect the patients, it also slowly brings down the faith of the family, the faith towards wellness. Suffering from the pain brought about by cancer is … Continue reading

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How Can Sleep Benefit Your Health?

When it comes down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are definitely many different kinds of things you can do such as exercise or eating right. However, all of these things do not mean much without proper sleep. Sleep is … Continue reading

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The 6 Struggles of Being a Diabetic Senior

While living a long life is such a feat and a miracle, it is not all perfect. Once you hit your sixties, your body starts experiencing drastic changes that are not too friendly. You become frailer and susceptible to different … Continue reading

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Seven Chronic Health Issues Common in Baby Boomers

As baby boomers reach the retirement age and enjoy eligibility for Medicare, providers of Health Care in Massachusetts concentrate on the prevalence of health issues among this generation. Experts say that the main causes of chronic health problems experienced by … Continue reading

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Five Ways Family Members Can Ensure the Safety of Their Seniors

A lot of older adults live happily at home without requiring much help from their family members. But, family members still want to ensure the safety of their senior loved ones, especially if the latter live alone in their homes. … Continue reading

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