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1. Question: How does the system work?
Answer: Thanks for your question. This is how it works, in our effort to help employer help their employees, we thought it would be wise to give employers the benefits of helping their employees with home care service needs for their parents, baby and any family needs.

2. Question: Who are eligible for these deals?
Answer: Good question. We do not determine who qualifies for the corporate deals or incentives. The organization (employer) determines who qualifies for the corporate offers/Home assistance benefits or incentives for their employees and employers who want to take advantage of these new ideas. Further more, all organizations from small to large are eligible for these deals. We, meaning, VinonaGroupServicesUSA, LLC does not determine which employee or employer qualifies. The employers are 100% responsible for choosing who is eligible.?

3. Question: What are some of the benefit with this system or method?
Answer: There are many benefits to using this system: 1. You (the employees) are rest assured that you get the professional care for your aging parent( s)or loved one(s) in the comforts of their own home and in the community in which they live. 2. You (the employees is) are rest assured that they (you) are in the hands of trained and experience professionals caring for your loved one(s) while you are away at work or on company’s assignments. You will have someone caring for your loved one(s) 24/7. 3. There is someone to take your mom or dad to the doctor’s appointment, or your mom to her hair dresser or to the gym. 4. You will always have someone around when you are not in the house; in a live in situation paid for by your employer. 5. You get a free baby sitting services, a service that will be provided by a professionally certified baby sitter. 6. Free membership to our social network that opens the doors to many opportunities, deals, discounts and many more.?

4. Questions: How often do these deals change?
Answer: we will continue to update our deals every time your contract with us or with your organization expires. For example, if your organization has, let say 5 to 6 years contract with us, as a loyal customers, your deals will be renewed and with new and improved packages or maybe some slight changes or no changes at all.?

5. Question: Why would any employer want to try this (Incentives/ Benefits concepts)
Answer: Thank you for this question. We thought it would be a good idea to help employees take some load off their shoulder, when it comes to helping them with their loved ones. Home care, child care, hospital visit and many more can be done for you or your loved ones at a fraction of nothing. The employee won’t have to look to far in looking for a care giver, it would be provided by the employer as parts of benefits package, just like your insurance benefits.?

6. Question: How does this help the organization?
Answer: Good question. We’ve have noticed that when an employee calls in sick because of family related matters, for example, mom or dad or a child is sick, they , the employee ends up calling in sick too because they want to be there for their family. With this system, you won’t have to; you will have someone to care for your mom, dad, or child, when they are sick or if you have to travel out of state for work related matters, which is or will be paid for by your employer. What we are doing is providing Homecare or Home Health-care services at a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to do this on your own. It would actually save money for the organization, save an employee time, and overall, and it would give everyone involved the opportunity to be served by professionals.?

7. Question: What exactly is this program for?
Answer: The program is solely for organizational use only; it is designed to help employers help their employees with Home Health Care Services. It is set up for employers to help their employees with their personal and family well-being. It is set up to help employers help their employees with: Personal, Private, and Home Health Care services/needs for their loved ones. This program is mostly for those employees or business executives, who do not have enough time because of their busy work schedule. The program will help those employees manage their lives in a much simpler way.

8. Question: What if I am a small business owner; will this program work for me?
Answer: Yes, it would work for you and your employees provided that they are interested in the program. For more information, you can contact our care team at customerservice@vinonagroup.biz

9. Question: What if my employees want a baby sitter can your organization provides this service?
Answer: Not only would we provide this service, we will provide your employees with the best in baby sitting service. We have highly trained professional baby sitters with certification. We will never send anyone to your home to baby sit without proper certifications (CPR, First Aid, etc.).

10. Question: What if one, two, or more employees need Home Care Services for a family member, what should they do?
Answer: Simple, they should just fill out the necessary information required of them, and then we would take care of the rest. For more information about this, please contact our care team at customerservice@vinonagroup.biz

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