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Welcome to the NonaCare, LLC Referral Program Page. We are glad you’ve taken some time to visit this page. If you know a friend who needs affordable quality care, it is our goal enhance the standards of their living by providing Health Care in Massachusetts. If you wish to take some time off from caring for your senior, we can offer a most professional approach in providing care for them as well. If you’re a mom and need a trained sitter to take care of your child, we also provide babysitting services.

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Our elite staff members, highly-trained and committed, thrive on giving you absolute comfort in the four walls of your home. We promote your independence while administering excellent home health care services. Refer everyone you know, Care Seekers who need our services today!

By submitting a successful referral, you get a gift certificates

Q. How does Your Referral Program Work?
A. Easy and Simple, for each “Care Seeker” you refer to NonaCare, LLC, you get a
gift certificatesgift from our Care Team. Once the person has signed up with us for 90 days, our Care Support Team will send you this gift. Remember, the more Care Seekers you refer, the more surprises are in store. Send us more and more referrals! Relax while better rewards head your way every 90 days!

Q. Are there special rules about this program?
A. Yes, everyone including the employees of the company are allowed to be part of this program, but the Care Seeker must sign a Service Agreement with us for not less than 90 days. That is, the Care Seeker must “Agree for us to provide services for a period not less than 90 days” (Services could range from 90 days to maybe a year or more).

Q. Where can this Gift Certificate be used?
A. The Gift Certificate can be used anywhere and everywhere Gift Cards can be used: Coffee Shops, Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacy Stores, Movie Theaters, etc.

Q. Who can we refer?
A. Good question, our home care services are purchased by a wide range of individuals and organizations. They include: (the elderly; the housebound; the disabled; those with chronic illnesses; those with terminal illnesses; accident victims; those requiring transportation and errand running; those requiring guidance with life skills; those seeking assistance with outdoor maintenance; family caregivers; those who are recovering from acute illnesses or surgeries; those who are mentally or emotionally handicapped; and, those who require social outings). Refer someone today and be glad you did!

Q. What Are the Advantages Of Home Care?
A. Thanks for asking us this very important question. The advantages of home care outweigh the disadvantages. Through many years of studies, we know very well that Clients are happier when they are able to remain in their own homes and communities, as they can maintain their independence. Hospital stays can be shortened if the level of care they require can be delivered at home. Government subsidization costs are a mere fraction of what they would be if clients were hospitalized or institutionalized. Most importantly, a client’s quality of life is enhanced when dignity, privacy and freedom are factored into the treatment program. Remember, the quality of care provided at home is often better than the care provided in institutions and hospitals. Relief can be provided to caregivers.

Q. You’ve said so much about the Advantages, what about the Disadvantages?
A. There is no way; we can talk about the advantages without talking about the disadvantages. As stated above the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The disadvantages include the following: Please have in mind these disadvantages have been taken care of by NonaCare, LLC Care Team. For example, clients may have a number of caregivers, especially when an agency is utilized (Our Care Team will not send more than three caregivers in any given one year period. Meaning, we will only send caregivers to our client’s homes or facilities and someone their families will be familiar with, and the numbers of caregivers will never exceed more than three in a year ). Another disadvantage is the cost of care, home maintenance and living expenses still must be met. Many people, especially pensioners, simply do not have sufficient financial resources for such “extras” (Our Care Team have made this disadvantage into an advantage to all of our clients by providing affordable “Service Rates”). We will always make our services affordable and available to all.

Send us your referral information. Tell us about the person you are referring to our Care Team. Please provide all the details of the person you are referring (First and Last Name, Address and Phone number(s), Your name, and your relationship with this person). Please remember to include your email, your Name (first & last), and your Phone number.

Please note the information about you and that of the Care Seeker will not be shared with anyone. Our Customers/clients privacy/ safety is our priority.

Q. Why do I(WE) need to give your company all these information?
A. We need these information to be able to contact you and for our Care Team to be able to contact the Care Seeker. We may need to ask the Care seeker some questions such as service(s) needed, duration of the service(s) needed. We need your information in case the person(s) you refer to us decides to sign-up with us, so that we can send you your gift(s).
For further clarifications, please call and ask for Andy Johnson at: 508-697-1455 or you can e-mail our Care Team at:

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