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Although Fashion and technology were not bedfellows a few years ago, the two have become inseparable today. Fashion designers are taking advantage of the advancement in technology to produce unique global brands. The convergence of fashion and technology is currently the hottest topic on everyone’s lips all over the world. The newly found relationship between the two is mutually beneficial. Interestingly; fashion is making technology more exciting to all style conscious audiences globally. Technology, on the other hand, is taking fashion to a greater dimension. Generally, when technology and fashion converge, it leads to new global cultures.

Impacts of technology in the fashion industry

  1. Enhanced creativity

    As technology and fashion converge designers are becoming wildly creative. The emergence of 3D printing technology is taking the fashion industry to greater heights.3D Printing is transcending the clothes and accessories making industry progressively. It is now possible for designers to create their unique clothing, jewelry or accessories and upload them on various sites such as Shapeways for printing.3D Printing gives fashion enthusiasts every reason to get excited. With the convergence of technology and fashion, the industry is now coming up with smart fabrics & fabrics for more visually appealing end products. With technology’s help, designers are creating fantastic designs that are beyond the normal looks. Songs, LED lightings, and music are being embedded into clothing and other fashion accessories to the amusement of ultimate consumers. Modern fashion designers are utilizing their wild creativity to create unique clothing that features biometrics monitoring sensors that can enhance your health, waterproof fabrics and humidity sensing clothes among others. Those into music can now spice their wardrobes with fashionable percussive sounds producing shirts and keyboard embedded jeans.

  2. Time saving

    The marriage between technology and fashion has led to time-saving. Modern designers are now using Computer-aided design (CAD) tool to create their masterworks much faster than they would have imagined a few years ago. The use of computers is much quicker than the traditional drawings. Designers are now saving time and making more money using CAD both in 3D and 2D to draw, create new patterns, select colors, view their new designs on virtual models, and even adjust fabric. Additionally, technology has made it easier for fashionistas to purchase their favorite fashion brands online which can be time-saving for them.

  3. Increased visibility

    Convergence of fashion and technology has led to the emergence of highly effective Social media & mobile apps.These apps are not only changing the way consumers used to interpret things but triggering new purchase trends. Fashion lovers are increasingly turning to different social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among others for inspiration and fashion advice. The good thing about these trends is that they are making competitive fashion vloggers, bloggers, designers, and brands more visible internationally. Many world-renowned fashion designers/houses/boutiques such as Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, and Badgley Mischka among others are using social media platforms to promote their events where different global fashion cultures converge and it works effectively for them.

  4. Cool innovations

    Innovators and creators are taking advantage of the technology and fashion convergence to create unique products. Wearable tech has now become one of the greatest trends in the fashion industry. Global models and celebrities among other people converge in various fashion events to witness the fashion industry transforming. Designers are now using Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood celebrities to showcase their wearable arts to the world. Fashion designers are now tapping into the modern technology to create unique products such as cell-phone charging boots, gloves that enable blind/deaf people to send comprehensible text messages, 3D printed light-up dresses, and Google glass among others. Wearable tech has been embraced by international celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, and Nicole Scherzinger among many others.

  5. Convenience

    The fashion industry is transforming into something more exciting for all involved parties including designers, models, celebrities, and retailers. The emergence of new technologies such as Google Glass, CAD, and 3D printing is taking the fashion industry by storm.3D printing technologies allow consumers to download exciting designs they purchase from designers directly before printing them at their own convenience. It is believed that 3D printing among other technologies will reduce warehousing, intermodal transportation and physical supply chain dependencies which will be convenient for everyone in this multi-billion dollar industry.

  6. Increased New Tech Careers opportunities

    The fashion industry has an incredible reputation due to its diversity and ability to bring different global-cultures together. Interestingly, the convergence of fashion and technology has led to increased new tech careers opportunities for millions of people globally. Mobile Apps Developers are now working as freelancers and making good money developing unique apps such as Dream Closet among others for different fashion houses.CAD Designers working in 3D and 2D space are now creating extraordinary prints, patterns and unique designs for various fashion designers and earning good figures in the process.

    Fashion designers are now employing or contracting different industrial designers are to create smart and sleek yet functional gadgets that can effectively be incorporated into their wearable tech outfits. Additionally, they are using celebrities from music and movie industry, and international models to promote their incredible high-tech outfits. Generally, the fashion industry provides limitless new employment opportunities for professionals across various disciplines including computer/software/electronics engineers, tech marketing specialists, models, celebrities and retailers among many others.

  7. Increased Accessibility

    Modern consumers can now search for their favorite fashion designers brands, or boutiques using their smart phones, computers, and ipads in a matter of minutes. This is adequate evidence that convergence of technology and fashion has increased consumers accessibility to their preferred fashion brands immensely. The broadened accessibility can be an invaluable gift to fashion designers, inventory management, trend researchers, retailers, and suppliers.

  8. IPayments, Inventory & Costs management

    Technology has made it easier for fashion designers, retailers, and suppliers to manage their businesses more efficiently and conveniently. Modern consumers are placing their favorite fashion design orders online and making payment without leaving the comfort of their homes or workplaces. The emergence of reliable payment technologies such as Vogogo, PayPal, e-transfers, and Square has basically made it easier for consumers to make payments through their smart devices effectively. Consumers don’t necessarily have to visit different events where various fashion faces converge, styles converge or models converge to buy first class fashion items. All they have to do is to log in to their internet enabled smart gadgets to choose their preferred clothing/accessories, purchase and pay for them online effortless. Talk of inspiration driven spontaneous shopping experience for fashion lovers.


The bottom-line is that technology is taking the fashion industry to greater heights. At this trend, we can only brace ourselves for more exciting things to come from the technology-fashion industry.

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