Effective Ways to Reduce Pain for Elderly at Home

Effective Ways to Reduce Pain for Elderly at Home
As people age, they suddenly feel aches or pains in different parts of the body. They even wonder where the pain came from. Pain brought about by old age sometimes come all at once. Arthritic-pain, spasm, cramps, and many more. These are just examples of the pain that can appear during old age. They say that these are the compounded pain that a person accumulated all those years that the body has not been well taken care of.

When we see our elderly in pain, we wish that there is something that we can do to alleviate it. Fact is that there really is something that we can do at home. These proven and tested home remedy does not take away the source of the pain so it will still be back. These remedies will only help in minimizing the current pain.

Instant Remedies for Pain

  • Heat
    Muscles in the body relax during a warm shower or if you apply warm bottle or warm towel. Warm temperature dilates the blood vessels, therefore, allowing more blood supply to the pained area. This is usually done in pain brought about by arthritis to the elderlies.
  • Cold Therapy
    Cold temperature numbs the pain, just like what ice can do to an inflamed skin or body part. This is the reason why ice packs are used to numbing the pain in fresh bruises. Only apply ice or ice packs to numb the pained body part, stop once it is already achieved.
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
    Deep breathing can also lessen the pain of the elders. It relaxes the mind and the body. Teach elders how to do a proper deep breathing exercise. Practicing it daily, about 6 long breathes per minute. This is also good for the lungs.
  • Massage
    It has always been known since olden times that massage helps in easing stress and pain. Massaging the body part in pain is okay so long as the one doing the massage knows how to do it properly. Massage should be relaxing and soothing, not painful.
  • Proper Medication
    A prescribed medication is the number one solution for elderly pain. When taking medications, seniors have to take note of the time when they took the medication. It may not take effect immediately, so while waiting remedies can also be done. Whatever solution there is to alleviate pain, it all depends on the hands doing the care. How effective the technique may be, it will still not take effect on the pain of the elderlies if it is not done properly. Not everyone is capable of rendering care. It requires compassion and training.

NonaCare, LLC understands the need of families for expert caregivers who can guarantee compassionate care. We have Home Care Services in Massachusetts that help your elderly loved ones recover from the comfort of your own home.

We are a cost-effective provider of Health Care in Massachusetts. Our staff is carefully chosen to make sure that we have employees who are naturally gifted in providing care.

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