Tips to Be an Effective Caregiver for Patients Who Suffer from Cancer

Tips to Be an Effective Caregiver for Patients Who Suffer from Cancer
Cancer is an illness that needs palliative care at home. An illness doesn’t just affect the patients, it also slowly brings down the faith of the family, the faith towards wellness. Suffering from the pain brought about by cancer is never easy. There is the threat that other family members can have the same disease any time. Cancer is partly hereditary and partly depends on your lifestyle. When a loved one is suffering from cancer, we want to do something to ease the pain, if only there’s something that can be done.

Loved ones may not be able to lessen the pain, but they can make sure that they will do everything to lighten the burden cancer patients are going through. Small things count a lot, especially if they are already bedridden. When the family hires caregivers to attend to their loved ones with cancer, it would only mean that they have their welfare in mind. In the care of terminally ill cancer patients, care process is focused on their state of mind.

Effective Ways of Caring for the Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

  • Bathing
    Keep a comfortable water temperature. You can ask the patient what temperature they prefer. You can also do a health teaching to help them decide. Be very gentle in assisting them. Pat their skin and do not rub because it is already in a fragile condition. The dryness of their skin can be brought about by their treatment or medication, always check if the products they are using are compatible with their skin condition.
  • Eating
    Coordinate with the cancer patients medical team so that you get to know all the medications. This is very important so you would know if there are foods that need to be avoided. Serve their favorite food in big servings, especially if it is not contraindicated to their condition and treatment. In times that they might not have the appetite because of the treatment, try small frequent feedings. Caregivers can also place ready to eat foods, juices, and water near the bed so the patient can just grab it if they feel hungry.
  • Exercise
    Always ask the patient what they want to do during the day, if no specific plans are given you can always suggest walking around. Walking lightens their mood and promotes sleep. If the patient has to stay in bed for some time, help them by massaging their body parts. Ask the physician if they are allowed to do some range of motion exercises.

There are many things that we can do for our loved one who is suffering from cancer at home. The reason why they opt for home care is that they want to be in a familiar environment together with their loved ones. NonaCare, LLC totally understand this need. We provide cost-effective Health Care in Massachusetts. Our caregivers are highly trained and guaranteed to provide the most suitable environment and Home Care Services in Massachusetts. We customize our care to the patient and family’s need.

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