6 Different Ways to Handle Seniors in Their Stormy Mood Swings

6 Different Ways to Handle Seniors in Their Stormy Mood Swings

Sometimes, do you wonder why your sweet grannies turn prickly all of the sudden? No, it is not necessarily their inherent attitude. This scenario is a product of chemistry. Once you become a senior, the chemical balance in your body undergoes sudden and drastic changes. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of which is the feeling of uneasiness and confusion which results in stormy mood swings.

When the aged loved ones you are dealing with are already getting on your nerves, try not to erupt. Brace yourself. Being angry will only make matters worse. And needless to say, your fury will never solve any problem.

If you are running out of ideas, why not read what NonaCare, LLC, a trusted source of Health Care in Massachusetts, has to say:

  1. Talk to them in respectful language.

    While cussing to the younger generation is more or less a sign of expression, to the seniors it is not. Their generation is conservative and formal. As much as possible, avoid using bad words to them. Even if you meant nothing deep, the words you say may cause emotional and psychological scars.

  2. Mellow your tone.

    Even if they have hearing issues, refrain from shouting. It is true that they may have trouble comprehending the things you are saying but raising your voice will startle, provoke, and scare them. Just be patient. Modulate your voice and converse with them in shorter distances.

  3. Be sensitive to their needs.

    As their companion, you must know what your senior loved ones need. Be wary of their body languages. Though it may take time, you will soon discover that there are certain patterns to their reactions. If their conditions would require special knowledge and training, at the very least, research.

  4. Take note of their dislikes.

    Perhaps the reason why your senior loved ones are annoyed is that you keep on doing things that they do not like. Ascertain their pet peeves. Know their personal preferences. Be the one to adjust to their peculiarities.

  5. Keep their living space clean.

    One temper trigger among seniors is dirt. Especially grandmas, they are known to be meticulous with clutter and disorderliness. To avoid their rage, learn to keep up with their cleaning pace. Even if you are not asked to, try running the vacuum cleaner and dusting off some pillowcases.

  6. Smile.

    Even if your senior loved ones are becoming outrageous, try to muster a smile. Doing this will promote good vibes, calmness, sincerity, approachability, openness, and warmth.

Aside from their mood swings, there are more things that you must attend to when caring for a baby boomer. Undeniably, the task is not easy. Whenever you feel like you can no longer handle things on your own, remember there is one team that is always ready to lend a hand – NonaCare, LLC.

Entrust your beloved seniors’ health and safety only with the finest Massachusetts Health Care! Visit our Facebook and Twitter profiles for more information.

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