6 Reasons Why Seniors Should Always Have Sound Sleep

6 Reasons Why Seniors Should Always Have Sound Sleep
According to health experts, sleep is essential for all, most especially to seniors. Why is that so? Allow NonaCare, LLC, one of the most valued Health Care in Massachusetts, to mention some crucial reasons. Please read the following:

  1. Healthy brain function.
    When you sleep, the brain regenerates. During those hours, the brain prepares itself and the rest of the body’s system for the next day. Since seniors are no longer as energetic as the young ones, lack of sufficient sleep may cause them trouble. As scientists had proven, sleep deprivation leads to slower cognition and forgetfulness.
  2. Emotional stability.
    Lack of sleep disturbs seniors’ emotional balance as well. When a senior does not acquire the recommended hours of sleep, one may have difficulty in controlling emotions and adjusting to changes. In worse case scenarios, depression and suicidal tendencies may develop.
  3. Heart problems.
    While the body is asleep, it is one of the best opportunities for repairs in the heart and circulatory system to occur. Without which, the chances of developing high blood pressure and stroke are increased. For the youngsters, this task is easier because healthy cells are still prevalent. However, for seniors, proper sleep is indispensable. Regardless of what the baby boomers will take, proper sleep cannot replace any amount of medicinal dosages.
  4. Immune system.
    It has been proven that sleep is a key element to a healthy immune system. Though the deterioration of the immune system does not happen overnight, continuous lack of required sleeping hours will destroy your grannies. Common proof that their immune system is already disturbed when they catch minor diseases easily.
  5. Obesity.
    Sleep balances the body’s hormones including ones that control the feeling of being hungry (ghrelin) and full (leptin). This explains the excessive appetite that some elderly adults have. This unnatural eating habit leads to weight gain.
  6. Safety.
    High accident rates for seniors (even at home) is closely associated with insufficient sleeping hours. When seniors do not get proper sleep, there’s a high tendency that they cannot function well during the day. Common aftermaths include loss of balance, muscle control, and body coordination.

Though your senior loved ones’ sleep takes top priority, you cannot compromise your own resting time too just to take good care of them. NonaCare, LLC, a renowned source of quality Home Care Services in Massachusetts, can help you out! With our top-notch services and highly skilled team, we aim to provide the care you truly deserve.

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