Housekeeping Tips for a Healthier Home


As a reputable Home health agency in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, we would like to empower you with these housekeeping tips so you can ensure a safe and healthier environment at home.

  • Create a fresh and fragrant ambiance at home.
    You can achieve this with tart warmers or candles with special scents. This kind of ambiance can be advantageous if you have a senior family member who mostly prefers a silent and peaceful surrounding. This element of fragrance can help soothe their mind and emotions.
  • Try to use warmer colors for your furniture or home paints.
    These hues can have an inviting appeal and also doesn’t show much of any smudge or stain. With a clean-looking surrounding at home, you can focus on other cleaning errands that have more pressing demand.
  • Secure a storage container for all the little items at home especially if you have little ones.
    Your children will enjoy spilling out their toys once in a while. It will be practical for you to keep all these in the same container while at the same keeping your area safe from these little objects.
  • Use safe rugs especially the non-slip ones.
    As your partner in providing Health care in Massachusetts, your family’s safety is also our concern. With non-slip rugs and more rugs, you can also maintain the personality at home while hiding the stains or discoloration on your overused carpet floor.
  • Use microfiber cloths and make these as accessible as possible.
    Microfiber cloths are effective partners in cleaning up spills and even greasy surfaces. They can also be easily washed so having them around can make spot cleaning faster and easier for you.
  • Try to enjoy something when the task at hand is not very interesting for you.
    For instance, when you’re washing the dishes and you know it will take time, you can always put on some music and dance to the beat while finishing the dishes. Isn’t that interesting to do?
  • Make use of automated equipment so you can do more housekeeping tasks at once.
    For example, a dishwasher can help you clean the dishes while you wipe the countertops. A washing machine at home can also give you more time on mopping or vacuuming the floor while you do the laundry.
  • Play up some stand-up comedy shows or audio support while you’re doing a housekeeping chore that’s not exactly close to your heart.
    When you’re laughing your way in finishing the chore, there’s a good chance that you can finish this efficiently and conveniently.
  • Reward yourself after accomplishing a chore especially if you’ve set a goal for it.
    It doesn’t have to be a really grand prize. These little things can be a really good motivation to continue maintaining cleanliness at home.

As an In-home care provider, we hope you find these tips helpful. If you have further needs for assistance in finishing your housekeeping tasks at home, contact us at NonaCare, LLC.

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