How to Deal with Your Aging Parents’ Aggressive Behaviors

How to Deal with Your Aging Parents' Aggressive Behaviors

There are lots of baby boomers who show aggressive behaviors toward their carers. It can be hard to provide quality Health care in Massachusetts when recipients are aggressive. To help deal with such behaviors, you can follow these tips.

  • Make them feel comfortable.

    Aggression often manifests in situations where your loved ones are uncomfortable. Most of the time, such discomfort is a result of confusion which may result from their old age or medical conditions.

    You have to make sure that they are comfortable in their living environment. This can be done either by keeping the home clean, minimizing noise, and other activities.

  • Delegate simple tasks to them

    Your aging parents may also become aggressive due to their inability to complete tasks, which were easy to do before. Such inability leads to frustration which can then become aggression on their part.

    In this situation, try giving them tasks that they can easily do. You might want to assign more difficult daily tasks to a care professional from a reliable Home health agency in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

  • When aggression starts to show, create distractions

    Help shift their focus away from the things that trigger their aggressive behaviors. Creating distractions will help your parents forget about the triggers and, thereby, reduce aggression.

    Take note that certain distractions may not work again in similar situations. Use your creativity.

  • Keep them moving

    Pent up energy can fuel aggression. As much as possible, keep your loved ones moving to release such pent up energy. They can try exercising. Not only can they release pent up energy, but they also get to take advantage of other known benefits of exercising. An In-home care provider can provide assistance to your parents during physical activities.

  • Stay calm

    When your parents show their aggression, do not mirror them. Being aggressive when your loved ones are frustrated will only make matters worse.

    As much as possible, do not argue with them. Arguing will only lead to wasted efforts. Stay calm, and use simple sentences they can easily understand.

  • Do not take things personally

    At a certain point in time during their episodes of aggression, your aging parents may say some things that might offend you. Just remember that they do not mean what they say. Most often than not, they are saying mean things because of the frustrations they have with their medical conditions or their current situations.

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