Huge Reasons Why Most Seniors Fall

Huge Reasons Why Most Seniors Fall

One of the most important parts of Health care in Massachusetts is fall prevention. But before we can provide solutions to prevent falls, we have to understand first the why of the situation. Why do most seniors really fall?

There are 4 huge reasons:

  1. Less mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength

    Aging leads to a lot of physical changes to individuals. These physical changes often affect the ability of seniors to counter a fall. When you lose your sense of balance, you tend to have a hard time regaining it as quickly as to evade a fall. Your loved one may also not be strong enough to physically support and carry themselves.

    Assistive devices may be crucial to combat these changes. Check with the doctor about which device suits you best in terms of fall prevention.

  2. Side effects of medications

    Medications may have side effects which may include nausea or dizziness. If you are taking prescription medications for your medical condition, you might experience such side effects, increasing your risks of falling.

    It is important that you check with your doctor about the possible side effects of the medications you are taking. You also need to check if your dizziness may be due to underlying conditions that require other meds. In this case, an In-home care provider can help remind you to take them.

  3. Poor vision

    Poor vision can definitely increase your chances of falling. Whether the poor vision is a result of aging or a certain condition, you need to make sure that it is addressed. An eye doctor can help conduct tests, get a diagnosis, and determine if you need eyewear.

  4. Clutter

    Clutter lying around the floor can easily become a reason for falling not only for the elderly but also for people of any age. Clutter can come in many forms. They may be your grandchildren’s toys, loose rugs, or appliance cords.

You have to remove clutter and keep the home clean to reduce the risks of falling. A caregiver from a reputable Home health agency in Bridgewater, Massachusetts can help you keep your living environment clean and organized.

NonaCare LLC is committed to helping you or your aging loved ones achieve good health and safety. We will be pleased to address your concerns so do not hesitate to give us a call today!

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