Are You Stressing Yourself Out? 7 Silent Signs of Stress

Are You Stressing Yourself Out? 7 Silent Signs of Stress
It is just Monday but it feels like the apocalypse. There are so many things to do at work and in your personal life. You cannot deny that you are suffering from a daily assault of stress hormones.

If you exhibit the following signs NonaCare, LLC is about to list, we think it is about time to unwind, take a deep breath, and get away from your phone. Here are the 10 silent signs you may be stressed out:

  • Migraines
    Do you regularly experience these awful and unforgiving headaches called migraines? Doctors are still scratching their head as to why people truly experience this condition but they have seen a connection between having migraines to exposing yourself to stress.
  • Painful mouth
    A usual explanation to why your jaw starts to sore is that it may be because of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding happens when you are asleep. This event intensifies when you are stressed out.
  • Bleeding gums
    People who are exposed to daily stress have higher risks of having periodontal disease. This is because the elevated stress hormone called cortisol prevents the immune system to do its job properly. It results in bacteria invading the gums resulting in the bleeding gums you experience.
  • Acne manifestations
    When you are still a teen, acne generally breaks out because of your teenage hormone. But when they break out at an adult age, you should start worrying. Stress brings out the worse in you. And it can also be reflected on your skin.
  • Sweet tooth
    Being a sweet tooth is not just because of your lady hormones. It is also because of stress. When you are stressed out, you tend to comfort yourself with sweet foods.
  • Itchy skin
    In a study, researchers observed two groups of people: one who suffers from chronic itch and those who do not. It has been found out that the former experiences itchy skin because of stress. Feeling anxious or stressed activates one’s nerve fibers. This sends out a signal to the brain causing it to detect an itchy sensation.
  • Bellyaches
    Aside from insomnia and backaches, bellyaches are associated with high levels of stress. Remember that time when you are too scared to do a report or you feel like throwing up before the start of your performance? That is stress taking over your system. Why does this happen? It may be because your intestines and brain have the same nerve pathways.

It is always important to take care of yourself and avoid stress. This is why our Home Care Services Massachusetts is always ready to assist you in caring for your abode for you to avoid the unnecessary stress associated with being a primary caregiver.

Do not also forget to ask help from our Health Care in Massachusetts. We help caregivers attend to their loved ones in case they are unavailable.

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