Five Ways Family Members Can Ensure the Safety of Their Seniors


A lot of older adults live happily at home without requiring much help from their family members. But, family members still want to ensure the safety of their senior loved ones, especially if the latter live alone in their homes. Elderly people are at a higher risk of physical accidents and memory loss. In fact, they are common targets of scammers. Here’s what family members can do to ensure the safety of their senior loved ones:

  • Encourage Seniors to Connect with Others

    Seniors have to continue to engage socially as they add years to their age. Family members must encourage their senior loved ones to take part in social activities such as weekly gatherings or club events. Health Care in Massachusetts includes staying socially active so seniors always have a sharp mind and healthy body.

    Try to check out community resources for seniors. The community in which your loved ones live may have senior centers that provide great opportunities to make friends.

  • Ensure Their Important Documents Are Well-Kept

    Important documents such as insurance cards, social security cards, vehicle titles, birth certificates, and property titles must be kept in a safe place. Seniors who use a lockbox must inform their family members where they keep the key so they can access these documents in case of an emergency.

    In addition, you must work with your seniors in keeping their bills in order. You may have to help them with checkbook balancing, budget planning, and bills keeping.

  • Ensure You Have Access to Their Home

    As family members of an aging person, ensure you have a duplicate of your loved one’s home. This ensures that you can easily get into the home in case they’ll be locked out inside. Also, remind your seniors not to leave their keys in obvious places since intruders can easily find them.

  • Help Them Avoid Scammers

    The healthcare industry has recognized the possibility for seniors to be victimized by scammers. Help your seniors avoid falling prey to this type of manipulation by checking with them frequently. Always remind them not to give out their credit card details to strangers.

  • Give Them Frequent Calls

    If you are used to calling your seniors every month or less, think about calling them more often than before. You do not need any special occasion to give them a call. Remember that even your seniors seem to be independent and having fun, they still need to hear your voice regularly. But calls don’t have to be the norm here. Nothing beats making time to visit your seniors personally.

Your senior loved ones may insist that they are fine on their own. But remember they always need somebody to be with them. NonaCare, LLC offers Home Care Services Massachusetts that your loved ones can take advantage of. Call us at 1-866-441-1847 or 1-855-484-6662.

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