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Restaurant Review

Hi Everyone, I thought this is worth sharing so I decided to put it out here for all to read. Think you can lose weight simply by avoiding larger chain restaurants and dining at independent eateries instead? Well, you will … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries, Exercise, Nutrition
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Do you know that large population studies suggest that a total of 8000 to 12000 steps a day is associated with better health outcomes compared with less activity.

Posted in Exercise
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Move More, Live Longer!

Move More, Live Longer This is an article we thought it worth sharing to our readers and our clients. For older adults, the secret to living longer may be moving more. In a nationwide study of 3, 029 adults ages … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries, Exercise
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Cancer Concern

Cancer Concern. Scientist have long been concerned about the potential cancer-causing effects of blood glucose lowering medications. A new study offers another piece of evidence: Glyburide, a sulfonylureas used to treat type 2, may raise a person’s risk for cancer … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries
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Quote of the Moment!

“Always affirm there is an answer to any problem and that you can find it, that you are now finding that answer,”~N.V Peale.#nCareSmartCare

Posted in Inspirational & Quotes!
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Breast Cancer and Diabetes!

Breast cancer appears to advance more quickly in women with diabetes, a study found. When researchers compared records of women ages 20 to 105 diagnosed with breast cancer, including about 6000 with diabetes and more than 32000 without, they found … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries
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Uneasy Sleep

Uneasy Sleep! Researchers have found a possible new complication of type 1 diabetes obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep problem in which a person’s airway becomes blocked for short periods, disrupting sleep and potentially leading to daytime sleepiness and … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries
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Eyeing a Treatment

Eyeing a Treatment. Macular edema is a diabetes-related complication in which leaky blood vessels lead to swelling in the eye’s vision center, causing blurriness and potential vision loss. Lasers were the only treatment in the past, but now ophthalmologists can … Continue reading

Posted in Discoveries
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Yoga for Well being: Restful Sleep

More details at

Posted in Exercise, Your Health
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Are You Eating Leafy Greens the Wrong Way?

Kale is king in the superfood world. However, registered dietitian Lauren Schimtt, shares that how you eat your leafy greens can affect how many nutrients you actually get from them. For more information, please visit

Posted in Nutrition, Your Health
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